When The Cold Wind Blows

Posted by Ryan Desrochers on

Hello friends! I guess I gained a little confidence from my first blog soooo here we go again. I’m sure we’ve all noticed that the time to pack away our air conditioners and turn up our heaters is upon us. It’s a great time for fashion. We all love to layer up in our favorite sweats, coats and winter hats. While we sip hot chocolate and begin planning ahead for the crazy holiday season, there are thousands of people in our area that have a different interest in mind. Their main focus is staying warm, getting food for their families and surviving a brutal New England winter. Homelessness does not care what season we’re in, it doesn’t care how old you are, or what’s your background is. It can affect anyone at anytime, especially in a radically changing time period like the last few years. When I dreamed of having my own clothing company almost 20 years ago, the real reason I needed it to be my own was so that I could use this platform to help people in need and to make our world a little warmer. Although seeing the outpouring of love and support for our designs and clothing has been so amazing and humbling, the most rewarding part for Kristin and myself is receiving letters from people and organizations that we have helped. From donating to local charities to sending skateboards and equipment all the way to Africa. Just knowing that we might have made even a tiny positive impact on the lives of others has been awe inspiring. I’d like to personally thank all of our followers, supporters, friends, family and the entire Love Life Collective for being the driving force behind our charity. Your purchases and support are what is used to make this possible and spread good will to our community and the world. So Thank You All!!! As the wind starts to blow a little colder and we start to bundle up, LLC is gearing up to help make a difference in the lives of those with no homes to warm up in. Crossroads Rhode Island provides housing assistance for adults, children and elderly, emergency shelter, education and job assistance and many other outreach programs to help those left out in the cold. We’ve been happy to support their cause in the past and are ready to do our part again. Proceeds from our fall and Halloween launches will be donated to help with their fight against homelessness. If you’d like to help in your own way you can find resources on their website crossroadsri.org. I apologize for being so long winded and any grammar mistakes, its only because I could go on talking about this forever. Thanks for reading and supporting. When the wind blows as hard as it blows right now…buy someone a coat. 💜