Skateboarding has been something that we have enjoyed since early childhood, wether it was watching friends at the park or trying to bust out some moves of our own. A way of transportation or a way to just be a kid. With this collection we wanted to bring that 90’s culture/sense of fun back into our community. Skateboarding and punk rock jams got us out of the house and out with our friends. In these times we are in, we are seeing less and less kids around.. total bummer. Rock this collection with us, skater or not. It just about having fun. We hope you enjoy.

**We wanted to make sure that some of the proceeds from this collection get put into local children’s non-profit organizations. The two charities that we will be sending the money to are:

CCF Woonsocket: A program designed to transform the lives of Woonsocket children through high quality educational opportunities and family support that is accomplished through strong community partnerships and advocacy. 

AdoptionRI: A Providence based adoption center that has been dedicated to helping kids in state care find forever families. AdoptionRI also provides support through the adoption process such as child, youth, and family support services, education, training, advocacy, and referrals. They have found families for more than 1,800 children over the years.**

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